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New Albany, Mississippi

Benchmark Worldwide Transport was asked to implement and coordinate the movement of 3 turbine generator sets with their accessories from Pensacola, Florida to a peak power plant under construction, located in New Albany, Mississippi.

Benchmark was told that they had to improve the delivery time of any carrier. The other carriers delivery time was 31 days.

Benchmark trucked the accessories to the site. The turbines and generators were loaded on stands on a barge. The barge was pulled up the Tom Bigby Waterway to a point approximately 50 miles from where the barge was unloaded. The location for unloading was chosen after surveying many sites.

The bank of the river was graded so that the barge could be positioned to allow a hydraulic platform trailer to move on the barge and under the turbines and generators. The turbines and generators were driven off of the barge and across a road made of cribbing to a location approximately ¼ mile.

At this location, the turbines and generators were repositioned and secured to the trailers. The equipment was driven to the site and offloaded onto the pads, over the bolts. The entire transit time for all 3 units from Pensacola the New Albany was 14 days.

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